ALFS DTD going into CVS, get your opinions in now...

James Robertson jwrober at
Fri Oct 24 12:38:56 PDT 2003

Kevin P. Fleming wrote:
> I want to get the ALFS DTD into CVS, alongside the "syntax doc" that's 
> already there, 

Good idea.

> so that changes to it can be made in parallel to the 
> changes in nALFS that implement new features. As previously mentioned on 
> the list, this is the "real" DTD, the one usable by xmllint to check 
> profiles to conformity (although nALFS is not anywhere near as strict as 
> xmllint, it still helps to know what you've done right and wrong).
> Probably the best place for this is going to be ALFS/docs/ALFS.dtd, at 
> least in the CVS repository. 

I would put the DTD straight under ALFS/ALFS.dtd and not bury it under
docs.  It "is" the DTD, not documentation on it.

> We'll want this to show up in the ALFS 
> downloads area somewhere (I can handle that once it's in CVS), and I can 
> modify the nALFS tarball distribution to include a copy when an nALFS 
> release tarball is made.

On a similar, but off-topic, does your script to build a distro tarball
include the docs yet and then a target in the build system you just
made?  If not, what do I need to provide you to be able to do that?

> A big question, though, is should be keep separate "major" versions of 
> the DTD available at all times, or should we put the burden on the users 
> to use CVS and some kind of tag if they want a copy of the "3.0" DTD 
> instead of the "3.1" or "2.0" DTDs? It might be nice to have an area in 
> ALFS/downloads where all the major versions of the DTD are available, 
> with a "current" link to the currently-used version.

Are we going to include the DTD in the tarball that is to be used with
the version of nALFS in the tarball?  Do we have copies of the older
versions of the DTD available?  The only one I am familiar with is the
v3.1 on Vassili's website.  Seeing as how you want to add <install> to
the DTD, we are moving to v3.2.  I think that is a person wants an older
version of the DTD, they can go get it.  That can be put in the Hacker's
guide under the CVS section (when I get that section in :-) ).


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