nALFS Roadmap

Kevin P. Fleming kpfleming at
Mon Oct 27 10:13:27 PST 2003

Neven Has wrote:

> I'm not a big fan of -rc releases as I find them boring for two
> reasons.  First, they take all the fun away from final version
> crashing badly; and second, there's nothing interesting to do before
> releasing the final version.

Great minds think alike... as much as end-users hate it, that "final 
version crashing badly" sure does get your blood pressure up :-)

> However, the second is not quite true now, as we can just split off a
> branch for 1.2.0 and then continue working on stuff for the next
> release on the main trunk, normally, as we're doing now.

Yes, that will be much easier, and it even allows for bug-fixes against 
1.2.0 while the next version has already diverged from that base.

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