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James Robertson jameswrobertson at earthlink.net
Tue Jul 22 06:35:37 PDT 2003

Dermot Bradley wrote:

> Any reason why the LFS-CVS book is now 1 1/2 months old? I assumed it
> would be undated nightly in line with issues people found...

Not always.  The book's editors have to make changes, update bugs and 
then commit the changes in CVS for a new build to happen.  There has 
been a lot going on lately that has slowed the process somewhat.  Gerard 
moved, went on vacation, moved the servers to a new colo facility and a 
bunch of other stuff.  The move of the servers has been a big amount of 
work for Gerard.  He had to rebuild the server, set up all the scritps, 
and a bunch of other stuff, plus find a place that the project can 
afford.  It was not easy.

Just because there has not been a official re-generation of the content, 
does not mean that work is not continuing.  Look in the lfs.dev list. 
There are a lot of updates sitting in there.  I would bet that now that 
things are settling down, Gerard will be able to make a bunch of commits 
and we will see builds happening again.

As it stands CVS20030603 is complete, pretty much.  The commands work 
fine and you get a good build.  The rest is mostly fluff (the text 
behind everything).


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