nALFS log bug?

Gerard Beekmans gerard at
Wed Jul 9 08:57:14 PDT 2003

Hi guys,

One of my packages require to be built by non-root and installed by
root. The stages that are to be done by non-root have a
<stageinfo><user>tempuser</user></stageinfo> block, the other stages
don't. The result of this is that nALFS isn't checking for new files

Here follows a very small profile that exhibits the same bug:


<!DOCTYPE alfs SYSTEM "nalfs.dtd" []>

<alfs version="3.1" xmlns:xi="">

<stage name="Test">

<package name="testing" version="1.2.3">
        <stage name="Foo">
                <execute command="echo bar"/>


When I run this "nALFS filename.xml" it won't check for new files:

I: Changing to user tempuser".
I: Executing system command in /:
I:     echo
bar                                                               -: bar
I: Exiting stage: Foo
I: Sending the package log to the frontend...
I: Log file stored in "/root/.nALFS/packages/testing-1.2.3.log".
I: Exiting stage: Test
I: State stored in "/root/.nALFS/state_file".
I: Execution successfully done.
I: Total time executing: 00:00:00

Now I remove the <stageinfo> block:

I: Exiting stage: Foo
I: Collecting files from /root/.nALFS/rundir...
<snip the rest>

Any idea what is causing this:?

Gerard Beekmans

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