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Tue Sep 24 09:03:50 PDT 2002

hello there!

with this post i do not want to start a new war on this group, but simply 
give a opinion about this project.

first, i want to say that this is a good project and i would like to 
congratulate everyone that ever contributed to it. the use of xml files in 
a simple program is very different from using scripts. it shows the desire 
from evolution to a more complex, but yet intuitive and powerful as xml, 
system. i think that the main issue here is to build a lfs system from 
scratch, by reading the book and working some aspects on the profiles so 
that the system builds by itself. and not only copy and pasting the book to 
a shell.

following this idea, i would like to see in the future a new aproach to the 
ALFS program, being ALFS as:

- ALFS itself;
        continuing doing an automated lfs build.

- A book reader;
        having the possibility of being possible to read the book while the 
        system is being built.

- A book editor;
        using the capabilities of vim.

- A lfs system files editor;
        same as the book editor, but to write and edit the config files needed
        by the system.

- Part of lfs;
        being instaled on the lfs book (this may be an optional program) as the
        official editor/reader of the book.

- A blfs editor / installer;
        a blfs ALFS. a graphical frontend (qt/gtk?) for the ALFS. 

another important subject is the lfs.dtd . it should be a standard dtd for 
the lfs project, and being used by the lfs/blfs book and ALFS. the project 
needs to create his standards. details as program dependencies and book 
translations could be easily integrated in the project. 

These are the features that i think the future ALFS should contain. i have 
taken in account some of the thoughts brought up here in the last days / 
weeks :) and the hunger for evolution that the current "zeitgeist" on this 
list has revealed. maybe some of them are a bit irrealist, maybe not ;). 
please feel free to comment.

bye for now
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