Managing required packages in nALFS

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Mon Sep 16 02:27:29 PDT 2002

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> I thought we could use a single XML tree, regrouping all the profiles
> fragment required to build the configuration we want.
> The profile for a single package is usually quite small (< 1K),
> so that a profile for a configuration containing 1000 packages
> translates into less than 1Mo of XML text, which is probably doable,
> even if the startup time wouldn't be blinding fast.

  I presume that we must include all xml profiles in our install
file for it to find the dependencies? This would have the downside
of listing all profiles on the screen and making you search the
list for the one you want to install. Small price to pay for 
the added functionality though so I don't mind too much :)

> If you don't want to have an all-encompassing profile (which 
> doesn't mean a single file !), it is probably possible to use a 
> "load-on-demand" mechanism where you load the profile you need and 
> graft it on the existing XML tree. I don't know well libxml2 
>interface, but it should be possible with making only quite localized 
>modifications in nALFS code. 

   This is what I was hoping for, but I am still learning libxml2

> Vassili

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