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> Hi,
> Thanks for your appreciation of my patches ;-)
> In fact, i would like to be able to 
> specify at run-time
> a category of element handlers (the concept already exists 
> but it is driven 
> by the "version" attribute of the <afls> element. If we 
> implement this, one could 
> have a set of handlers to execute the profile (the actual 
> new-* handlers),
> and a new set to build the bash script, and maybe other sets 
> for as yet undetermined
> purposes.

Should be an easy change but I cannot for the life of me think
of any really useful applications for this apart from your
bash script building.
> One thing I would like to happen in the ALFS realm is some 
> convergence of the DTDs,
> with the definition of an "official" DTD. I used nALFS (that 
> seems to me a very fine tool)
> to generate a LFS configuration and i'm currently working on 
> a BLFS profile,
> but i would prefer that the other tools (Mark Ellis's perl 
> implementation and halfling)
> be fully interoperable. So, if the people on the list are not 
> too tired of these discussions,
> i think it's maybe time to start them again ;-).

This is most definitely needed. There is no point writing profiles
for one alfs implementation and then having to change/tweak them
to work with another. If there is enough interest we should 
decide on the official syntax pretty soon as LFS and BLFS
become more recognised. Maybe propose a draft syntax that we can
all comment on? Neven? Vassilli? Mark?

> Vassili Dzuba

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