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> > Many interesting stuff in there. :)
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> > I'll check all those patches when I get some free time and 
> > then possibly
> > include them in the program.
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> It would be nice to see them included as they are 
> good enhancements IMHO.
> > Neven
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Thanks for your appreciation of my patches ;-)

Well, i think that the second (automatic download) and the third (check that
some package has been build) are quite useful but need some improvement
with respect to the user interface.

The first (generation of bash script) is an awfull hack that I would prefer
not to be integrated in the "official" release before I (or somebody else)
had the opportunity to rewrite before it is integrated, even if it can be used
as a "proof of concept". In fact, i would like to be able to specify at run-time
a category of element handlers (the concept already exists but it is driven 
by the "version" attribute of the <afls> element. If we implement this, one could 
have a set of handlers to execute the profile (the actual new-* handlers),
and a new set to build the bash script, and maybe other sets for as yet undetermined

One thing I would like to happen in the ALFS realm is some convergence of the DTDs,
with the definition of an "official" DTD. I used nALFS (that seems to me a very fine tool)
to generate a LFS configuration and i'm currently working on a BLFS profile,
but i would prefer that the other tools (Mark Ellis's perl implementation and halfling)
be fully interoperable. So, if the people on the list are not too tired of these discussions,
i think it's maybe time to start them again ;-).
BTW I'm volunteering to update my DTD documentation according to this official ALFS DTD when
it becomes available...

Vassili Dzuba

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