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>My idea (but i don't know if i'll have the time/energy to implement it 
>is to) was : 

  I really like the work you are doing with nALFS. I for one am using
your patches and would like to see further enhancements to Nevens

  New features are few and far between with nALFS and development has
been a little slow lately (Neven must be busy) so any regular 
contributions are most definitely welcome by me.

  I don't pretend to be a great C programmer, hell, I program in 
assembler for a living so I'm in a completely different ball park
but I know a little and if I can help out I am willing to learn

  I would like to see nALFS mature into a great package manager. It
already is the package manager of choice on all my systems and giving
it enhancements such as dependency checking and resolving would be
a worth-while time-investment IMHO.

>- add a ID attribute to the packages, that should normally be the 
>  name of the package 

Can we not already use the package name combined with the version for

	i.e. <package name="curl" version="&curl-version;">

>- when a package is not found, use the name of the package as an IDREF 
>  to find the XML element having such an ID attribute 
>- build the element found and, if successfull, go back to the 
>  first package. 
>This has the advantage of not having to modify the XML tree (which is
>to contain all the necessary packages), and to be able to display the build
>in the tree of both packages. 
>I guess that by using XInclude, taht is supported by libxml2 according to
the doc, 
>we can build a complete tree frem separate XML documents (each having its 
>prolog with its own entity declarations), so that the profile directory 
>you mention could be loaded onece when starting nALFS. 

Good idea.

>Of course, it will be necessary to be able to suspend a processing, start
>one and come back to the first. I don't know nALFS well enough at this time
to know if 
>it would be easy to do so. 

Unfortunately I know even less :) Any thing I can do to help though ....

> ....
>Vassili Dzuba 

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