Managing required packages in nALFS

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> Subject: Managing required packages in nALFS
> Hello all ALFS'ers,


> More details and the patch are available at 
> as well as an updated version of the documentation of the DTD.
>Any comment ?
>Vassili Dzuba

Hi, Vassili,

  I like what you are doing with nALFS. I've started using your
patches (especially the reference patch) in my work already
and as far as I can see its a useful addition.

  As for this patch, I took a quick look at it last night
and its a good idea. Producing stamp files on successful
builds is a different way of doing what I was trying to 
do (I was looking at the package's log for a success entry).

  I suppose the natural progression is that when a package
fails because it doesn't have the necessary dependency, nALFS
will search a pre-defined profile directory and if the profile 
is there it will either look for the package in the package dir
or download it using your reference tag.

  I don't know how easy/hard it would be to dynamically load in
another profile, stop executing the one your at, execute the
new one and then resume where your were before. I would think 
that this would be a more involved patch but well worth it.

  On a side note I had the following problems with your LFS-CVS 

	o	I had to change chapter5/unprivileged_user from

		<ownership user="&lfs-user;">


		<ownership user="&lfs-user;">

		as I was getting access denied messages for lfs-user.
		I presume this is because lfs-user doesn't have
		permission to write to &BUILD_DIR (/usr/src)?

	o	glibc bombed out in chapter 6 with the following
		message from configure: -

		-: checking for mig
		-: configure warning:
		-: *** These auxiliary programs are missing or too old:
		-: *** some features will be disabled.
		-: *** Check the INSTALL file for required version.
		-: checking whether ranlib is necessary ... no
		-: checking LD_LILBRARY_PATH variable ... contains current
		-: configure: error:
            -: *** LD_LIBRARY_PATH shouldn't contain the current directory
            -: *** building glibc. Please change the environment variable
            -: *** and run configure again.

            I haven't a clue what this variable should contain so I didn't 
            know what to do. Sorry.


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