Managing required packages in nALFS

Vassili Dzuba vassilidzuba at
Thu Sep 5 13:07:56 PDT 2002

Hello all ALFS'ers,

AFAIK, ALFS (if there is such a beast) does not provide any mean to check the required
packages when building a new one. While it is not very important when building a LFS,
which is a rather sequential process, it is more so when building BLFS packages
as we are more likely in that case to build only some of them, and in a random order.

After having been bitten a few times, i patched nALFS to :

- create a stamp file after a package has been build successfully
- provide a <check> element that allows to check if a given stamp file exists,
  and interrupt the process if it does not
- provide a <stamp> element to build a stamp file outside of a package,
  if needed.

An example of use of <check>  is :

    <package name="librep" version="&librep-version;">


	<stage name="Unpacking a package.">

More details and the patch are available at
as well as an updated version of the documentation of the DTD.

Any comment ?

Vassili Dzuba
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