nALFS Question

Ian Chilton ian at
Tue Sep 3 06:35:15 PDT 2002


> seems to be similar to your problem.

I checked the entities/general file and it seems to be ok:

<!-- Directory in which LFS system will be installed. -->
<!ENTITY LFS "/mnt/hd2">
<!-- Location of your LFS packages. -->
<!ENTITY orig_packages_dir "/home/ian/nalfs/packages">
<!-- Directory (inside LFS) where all packages will be copied. -->
<!ENTITY packages_dir "/usr/src/lfs-packages">
<!-- Directory (inside LFS) where all packages will be compiled. -->
<!ENTITY build_dir "/usr/src">
<!-- Partition of your new LFS system. -->
<!ENTITY lfs_partition "/dev/hdb1">
<!-- Type of your LFS partition. -->
<!ENTITY fs_type "ext3">
<!-- Swap partition. -->
<!ENTITY swap_partition "/dev/hdb2">

> What version of nALFS are you using

Just downloaded this morning...
It's: 1.1.0

> what's your host system?

It's an x86 - Celeron 433 running and old LFS.


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