Neven Has haski at sezampro.yu
Mon Dec 16 10:27:55 PST 2002

Mostly cleaning code and fixing bugs. Changes are at the usual place.

I have also created a nALFS.xml profile, which is available at:


So if you already have some ALFS parser installed, try it. After all,
we do want other people creating the profiles for their packages like
this, don't we? ;)

It uses <reference>, so you can just get the profile, and let your old
parser do the rest. It's fun. :)

There is also:


for version 2.4.30. No need to update the library, but why not, it's
easy. ;)

Of course, first check out the profiles, they both use /tmp for
everything. And hopefully there won't be any problems if you're using
the old nALFS and installing to the same locations.


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